Partner & Portfolio Manager

Mr. Bramson’s turnaround investment experience started in 1977 when he co-founded New York-based Hillside Capital, one of the first specialist private equity firms in the United States. In 1986, Mr. Bramson founded Sherborne, which is involved in both private and publicly listed investments. In 2002, Mr. Bramson co-founded Hanover Investors in London, from which he withdrew in June 2006 to focus on Sherborne’s international activities. During his career Mr. Bramson has been responsible for operational turnarounds at portfolio companies in the chemicals, consumer products, electronics, financial services, media and packaging industries and pioneered many of today’s accepted buyout techniques. Mr. Bramson is a managing member of Sherborne Investors and Vice Chairman of Navient Corporation. Previously, he served as a director of Electra Private Equity plc and as Chairman of Ampex Corporation, 4imprint Group plc, Elementis plc, Spirent Communications plc, Nautilus, Inc. and F&C Asset Management plc.