Sherborne’s antecedents date to the mid 1970’s when some of our current principals became involved in private equity. The distinctive characteristic of our approach was and remains turnaround investing, which involves improving the underlying business operations of companies in which we invest. Sherborne Investors now concentrates its turnaround investing activities as a minority shareholder in publicly quoted companies. We seek to enhance value in our portfolio companies by offering our participation on the board, rather than through majority ownership and control of the company.

We invest in companies which we believe have the potential to increase their profits substantially but which have underperformed for an extended period of time. Our firm’s approach provides current shareholders with a new alternative. In the absence of an operational turnaround, shareholders in underperforming companies can choose to continue with the existing situation, sell their shares at a loss, or hope a buyer for the whole company may emerge offering a modest premium to a depressed share price.