Sherborne Investors is a 'turnaround' investment firm which targets publicly quoted European and US companies that have underperformed the market due to operational, rather than capital structure, issues. We develop a turnaround thesis, acquire a significant equity position, and then obtain a shareholder mandate to effect a change in board composition. Sherborne does not agitate for others to make changes; rather, we assume responsibility for directing or managing a turnaround for the benefit of all shareholders.

Sherborne seeks to achieve attractive investment returns by leveraging its extensive financial and direct operating experience.

  • Unlock latent value in out of favor ‘deep value’ stocks by catalyzing prolonged period of shareholder dissatisfaction through a well-researched turnaround thesis.
  • Acquire a significant minority ownership position and obtain shareholder support.
  • Work with management and the board to implement an aggressive turnaround plan.